Construction Project can help with any aspect legal issue in a project. The assistance of a construction lawyer is never far away.

If you are dealing with a tender and need help with your documentation as an employer, main contractor, sub-contractor or someone otherwise involved in a construction project, we can assist in building construction law who can assist every step of the way.

Construction contracts and registrations come in many forms. They can seem daunting to those not skilled in construction contract law. From JCT to FIDIC, ICC to NEC, the list goes on and on. We can advise and assist with completion of all forms in use within the construction industry in the UK or overseas.

As a builder your reputation is everything. If you disagree with the representation made by an architect in terms of your work as a main contractor or sub-contractor, we can assist in this situation. Employer approvals and architect certificates can be appraised and assistance provided for all disputed documentation.

Construction contract disputes come in many forms. A more common one is time disagreement. Whether you are the employer, main contractor, consultant or sub-contractor, you may need advice in a situation where a party has requested extended time to finish a project. As a direct access barrister in construction contract disputes, Construction Project founder Seyaad Arif can step in and provide professional advice on the extension of time for any challenged project duration.

From variations to construction projects to delays and disruption claims, Construction Project can step in and provide legal representation. We can advise whether time should be reasonably allowed to alleviate an over-run or assess whether extra works is additional to an original contract or already part of it.

Time costs money in construction. Money can also cost money as interrupted cash flows often have adverse knock-on effects. It is important to be paid promptly. Payment notices, pay less notices, right to payment and varied work in a construction project, financial recovery and liquidated damages are some of the money-related issues we assist with.

Beyond these areas Construction Project can also help with cases of (or accusations of) professional negligence in a construction project, non-performance in a construction project, late completion and construction disputes in general, domestic and worldwide (especially the Middle East).

The process for assisting with the above issues varies. With its experienced team of panel barrister’s, solicitors, lawyers for contractors and clients, Construction Project is skilled in alternative dispute resolution, adjudication, construction litigation, arbitration and mediation.

As you have read, there are many ways that we can assist and we are always happy to help. Please get in touch as we are waiting to hear from you.