Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a mounting fashion in the current legal ambience.  Parties in dispute are encouraged to exercise methods of ADR to effort to determine their claims before they proceed to adjudication, arbitration or litigation.

Although in the UK the local courts have informed parties that they ought to always try ADR before going to trial unless there is a very good reason not to, otherwise the Court or Tribunals will make costs orders not in favour of those parties who refused or mistreated an invitation to enter into ADR.


Mediation is the largely renowned structure of ADR and you may have experienced or heard of mediation law in domestic and international construction disputes.

Mediation is accessible to parties either before or during court or arbitration proceedings.  The mediator is a facilitator and does not need to reach a decision on the merits of the case, he or she only seeks to assist the parties to reach a peaceful solutions.

The mediation process is completely voluntary, meaning that if the parties agree to it then it is often a good suggestion that they wish to decide matters without the need for a trial or arbitration.

The Benefits of Mediation

At Construction Project our expert building and construction dispute lawyers are keen advocates of the mediation route and there are numerous benefits of our local mediation services such as:

  • It saves significant time
  • It is less taxing and more suitable than taking a construction matter to court or arbitration
  • It saves on legal fees by not going to arbitration or trial

Our partner’s mission at Construction Project is to put together excellence legal services easy to get to for everyone and mediation is just fundamental important and cost effective options they suggest to our clients.

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