Construction Professional Negligence

Constructions projects will call upon a quantity of professionals, each of whom have a different function to participate in the development, from design to construction. Each professional has a duty of skill and care.

However, the procedure will inevitably engage the input of non-professionals such as building contractors, each of whom will have a significant responsibility to play in getting the building project from design stage to conclusion of the finished build. At each and every stage of the process, there is a danger that something may go wrong, as a result of the negligence of one or more of those involved, leading to financial loss and the headache of putting the damage right – if that can be accomplished.

In above situation, investigating who is to responsible and to what length can be a needle in a hay stack, and one that is very likely to be further difficult by opinion between professional and non-professional defendants about contribution and contributory fault.

Construction industry professional negligence claims are not for the weak. Establishing negligence against one party will necessarily involve a consideration of the potential scope for liability in construction negligence cases of anyone else who may have been involved in the project. As such, these cases are potentially complex, high risk and very expensive to run.

Our partners at Construction Project can advise in every jurisdiction on building design and construction professional negligence on your prospects of succeeding in a claim and, if our lawyers are of the view they are reasonable, they will act for you in bringing your claim, in negotiating suitable settlement terms with the construction professional or any number of them, or, if this is not possible, in bringing the claim to arbitration or trial.

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