Construction & Engineering

Our partners act for clients who are contractors, consultants, employers, developers, local authorities, health authorities, financial institutions and insurers in every sphere of commercial construction companies and building and construction engineering.

As the price tag and difficulty of construction continue to significantly raise, achievement depends on premeditated advice that supports our clients’ plans and minimises liability.

The victorious conclusion of any construction project depends on the excellence of the project papers and guaranteeing that the project is completed to the necessary benchmark, on budget and on time. Our partners are skilled in every sector of the building and construction engineering business including energy, infrastructure and development. They give advice in all areas of procurement, commercial developments to major international, domestic, civil and process engineering and energy projects.

Our partners guide clients in the analysis of the risk involved in their projects and picking the most excellent style of relief scheme for the project. Following picking of the required construction way forward, our partners assist clients in negotiating the contracts.

Disputes do arise in cases of new home construction and engineering where our partners rally round to avoid clients by advising on possible issues at the initial stages of the construction projects. If a disagreement does take place, our partners are capable who can handle all of the litigation, arbitration, adjudication and alternative dispute resolution processes for you.

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