Issues can arise at any phase in a construction project. An early professional opinion can avoid a dilemma becoming a disagreement of contractual matters. Our Partners at Construction Project have extensive experience in giving sensible legal advice to client’s all over world in both construction law and civil law.

As soon as relations have broken down in a project a client may engage its lawyer for assistance in regard to the construction law or civil law. When claims are presented by either side it is fundamental of importance to get one’s line of attack on point from the outset which may support to limit legal responsibility or even avoid arbitration, dispute and litigation procedures in cases of construction professional negligence.

Parties ought to be conscious how issues as limitation, conditions precedent, evidence and jurisdiction can have a brunt on the conclusion of disputed contractual matters. Early calculated or planned legal advice on such matters where partners at Construction Project can make a massive difference to your case.

Countless of our partners are educated to a high standard where they have obtained degrees, master degrees, PHD in construction law and dispute resolution. They have a wide understanding of the construction industry, the civil law and dispute resolution alongside they recognize each project as important whether small or large and meeting the client’s particular needs. Our partners provide imaginative and helpful solutions which can be from time to time be incredibly difficult in situations.

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