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About Us


Construction Project is an international arbitration portal, designed to assist construction professionals, affiliated in all areas of the construction industry, around the world. Our partners can help you with all aspects of your construction contract disputes; in both non-contentious and contentious legal matters, concerning any construction project, big or small. Our partners, a panel of highly experienced lawyers, are positioned worldwide; in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, and are specialists in construction law and international arbitration law, and they’re here to help you.

Our Partners

Our team of partners have extensive experience in dealing with and representing clients in all forms of construction arbitration; covering a vast range of construction projects, including airports, bridges, dams, highways, oil and natural gas extractions, power plants, public buildings, railways, seaports, ship building, tunnels, and wastewater plants.

Courts and International Arbitration Institution

Our partners’ expertise extends across construction dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, adjudication, mediation, dispute review boards and expert determination. They have acted and appeared in a wide range of tribunals, including under the rules of the ICC Arbitration, the International Court of Arbitration, as well as many national courts in their local jurisdiction.

Local Laws and Admission to Local BARS

Our partners are fully versed with the law of their particular jurisdiction. They have rights of audience to appear in their relevant national courts, and each are fully admitted to their individual local Bar associations.

Enforcements of International Arbitral Awards in National Courts

Our partners are experienced in enforcing arbitral awards in a variety of national courts, depending on their jurisdiction. In cases beyond their own jurisdiction, our partners can fully rely on other, locally based, panel partners in the Construction Project team, who will step in to fully assist with enforcing any award.


Several of our partners are also appointed to act as arbitrators, experts, legal experts and mediators in several international leading bodies, such asthe ICC, DIAC (Dubai), LCIA (London), HKIAC (Hong Kong), KLRAC (Malaysia) and SIAC (Singapore).


Wherever you’re based our partners can meet your needs. Our partners are fluent in a wide variety of languages, such as Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Vietnamese and Urdu.

Construction Contract Forms

Our partners’ experience covers all recognised international forms of construction contract, and they are fully prepared to advise you. Whether it’s JCT, NEC, FIDIC, ICC, IChemE, SAJ, AWES, PPP, PFI or both bespoke partnering and joint ventures contracts, we have a partner to answer your questions.


Our partners bring with them a reputation for excellence; through the clients they have helped and advised over a variety of major construction projects.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact our partners, concerning any matter, just click and fill in the following form:

Alternatively, visit our contact us page; where you will find the direct contact details for each of our expert partners; who are ready to help you today.

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